Why Do I Need An Acting Reel?

Coming to Town

Many actors come to Hollywood with nothing to show for their acting as of yet. Getting footage is critical to a young actor’s career, as it can set them apart from their peers in the most important place in town: The casting office. Showing up to an agent’s office with a headshot and a monologue doesn’t work these days. In today’s fast-paced, easy-access culture, making sure you have the best material available is critical. It’s right up there with having the quickest draw on that “Send” button. With competition for acting work increasing every day, it is exceedingly normal to have a reel.

What is a Demo Reel?

A demo reel, or a “sizzle reel,” is a one-to-three minute demonstration of your absolute best work. It is condensed and edited to make you as attractive to casting directors as possible. Reels should show you at your strongest and most engaged, and therefore allow you to showcase yourself positively to the decision-makers behind the scenes.
After many years of conversations with casting directors, agents, and managers, I was further and further assured of one thing. That the only way to get their attention is to have a reel of your work. With so many actors to look through, you’re more likely to go entirely overlooked unless you have this powerful tool in your arsenal. When it comes to sifting through your material, what kind of footage you have matters less than you actually having footage. It can be professional, pre-filmed material or it can be things you’ve created yourself. As long as it shows you in your best light, it’s a contender for your reel.

Reach Out!

Of course, AcademyReels can help you add that professional touch, and help you produce and choose the best clips of your work. Our goal? To create the ultimate reel, customized and optimized for your talents. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions! Lastly, let AcademyReels help you on this important step in your acting career.