Tape an audition / Coaching

Coaching – 1 hour coaching session $75 an hour

Coaching and self tape with a professional camera, not a phone. $100 an hour. Scenes can be edited together and finished with a title.

Get on-site coaching & a professional looking self audition with Oscar nominated director Jonathan Heap.

Our pros guarantee that we can make it look professional.

Create a demo reel

1. Editing a reel from existing footage supplied by client $100 an hour
Your scenes with be edited into a professional and impactful demo fee that will best showcase your talent.

2. Creating a reel from scratch – $300- $1000 depending on time and complexity involved. Needs will be discussed and price set. This involves picking a suitable scene to do with a scene partner or identifying a good monologue that will best showcase your talents. If needed, a specific scene will be written. We will give you coaching, shoot, edit your scene. You will be forwarded vimeo links and a digital download of the final product.

Create a short film

If you are looking to build credits and star in your own short film, you can either provide your own script or we will create one for you and you will have the opportunity to star in a short film with a role perfectly created for you, directed by an academy award winning director.
Price negotiable depending on complexity and time needed.

Also Available:

Web Designs By Merose Domains

Actors website (5 pages). Have all your info, demos and links in one place.
Under your own control.

Green Screen Shoots

Have an Emergency?

Need footage fast? We can do that too.


Voice Projection Lessons