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Free Consultations

Choice Of Material

Integrated Production


Speak with our professionals about the scenes you would like to do and we'll help you find the right fit.

Choose your own monologue from our library of professional scenes. We will also work to come up with something just for you.
All our scenes are shot with HD Broadcast cameras, using professional sound and lighting equipment. You will be directed by currently working Directors in film and television.
Your finished reel will be uploaded to you in formats needed for submission to websites. We also supply a finished DVD with a menu.



Also Available:



Casting directors want to hire someone who is thinking. Someone who is telling a story with their eyes that we want to know. Someone they feel they can place a character into. I agree, and that’s how I work. We take our time, we relax and breath, we let you bring out what is in your head.

Web Design

Actors website (5 pages). Have all your info, demos and links in one place.
Under your own control.


Have an Emergency?

Need footage fast? We can do that too.




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